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Jenny is the best!!! I haven't taken zumba with anyone else so maybe I'm biased, but I get such a good workout everytime and the hour always flies by because I'm having a blast. Jenny brings such joyful energy to the class and song selection/choreo are so good. 10/10 would zumba with Jenny any day.
Zumba with Jenny is not only a fun and effective workout, it's also a great mood booster! Jenny has such good energy that is felt strongly (even virtually) and it just makes you smile and be happy. There's always a good variety of songs and different dances and even if you've never done Zumba before, it's so fun to try it out and dance along! I highly recommend her class to anyone who wants to get moving, have fun, and learn some new dance moves! Thank you so much for hosting your online class for so long!! – Chantel H.
I am not a Zumba person, but I attended two of Jenny's classes during quarantine because I was interested in seeing what it was all about! Jenny is full of vibrant, joyful energy and even through a Zoom conference call, her positivity shined through the screen. On the two days I participated in an online class, I really did feel happier and thankful for the opportunity to move, especially during quarantine. In hindsight, I should've taken better care of myself and participated in more classes since it was only a positive experience for me! For anyone skeptical like I was, it's definitely worth giving Zumba a shot-- but I'd recommend Jenny as an instructor because I think her genuine enthusiasm and passion for sharing dance with others is what made the classes so fun. – Kellyn K.
I've taken a few Zumba classes before but I can honestly say that Jenny's Zumba classes are my favorite and the only classes I've kept up with! Her upbeat energy is infectious and will make you motivated to keep dancing even when on days where you don't feel like it. I appreciate the fact that she adds new songs/choreography often to mix it up and keep it interesting! Jenny's choreography is so fun that I often forget I'm working out and feel like I'm just dancing with a bunch of my friends! I'd recommend Jenny's Zumba classes to anyone who loves to dance and wants to enjoy working up a sweat :)
Questions? Reach out on Instagram @movebluejenny